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Please share this message with your Club or District’s International Service Committee to support our Global Grant and bring water, sanitation, and hygiene education to 2000 people in southwest Haiti!
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One community at a time, Rotarians in Haiti are advocating for locally elected officials to transform their country for the better. A new HANWASH Global Grant offers another chance for Rotarians everywhere to be part of the story.

group of people discussing plansThe municipality of Cavaillon is a largely rural area, home to 50,000 people in southwest Haiti. It has a vibrant Saturday market and rolling lush, green hills that produce juicy mangoes and high-quality vetiver oil, a raw material used to produce luxury perfume. Most households are supported by subsistence farming and about 65% of the population lacks access to safe water and even more lack access to sanitation.

The HANWASH program in Cavaillon is inspiring Haitians who dream of a better future. After a devastating earthquake hit the region in August, water from HANWASH wells continued to flow, offering hope to displaced citizens they could rebuild in the place they call home. Our vision is to reach 100% coverage in Cavaillon within five (5) years in partnership with the mayor’s office and other local and regional authorities.

Claudette Alexandre is an elected councillor (pictured front and center in the lavender shirt) responsible for the 5th communal section of Cavaillon. Madame Alexandre has worked with Haitian Rotarians and Rotaractors since 2019. As a leader, she encourages citizens to work towards cleaner, healthier communities and participate in building, operating, and maintaining local water and sanitation infrastructure. Their responsibility includes building their own latrines, joining volunteer water committees, and paying modest fees for WASH service to cover expenses and leave enough for repairs. These community contributions are essential for sustainability.

Group of supportersUnder a previous HANWASH Global Grant, wells were inaugurated in Madame Alexandre’s section delivering water to 200 families in four (4) villages and leading to sanitation coverage for 90% of homes.

Rotarian ambassadors in Haiti imageThe HANWASH program supports local leaders and meets or exceeds TRF guidelines for WASH Global Grants. Haitian Rotarians act as “Ambassadors” and directly engage local stakeholders in a data-driven “Commune Action Planning” process. This advocacy and governance process ensures authentic demand and ownership in prioritizing investments with funding and technical support from Rotary, HANWASH, and our partners.

Would you consider joining our next Global Grant to support eight (8) more rural communities in Cavaillon?

In addition to sanitation, hygiene training, and wells serving 2000 people, this US$300,000+ Global Grant (#2233682), sponsored by the Rotary Club of Les Cayes in Haiti and District 6960 (Florida), includes research funding to collect data on groundwater recharge so we can develop a holistic water resources management strategy with local officials.

If you need more information, please contact PDG Don Thomas (donthomas@comcast.net) today to hold your spot in the Grant for the 2021-22 Rotary year.


Join the Rotary Club of Les Cayes and Champion District 6960 and get involved today to support this Global Grant!
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Our sincere appreciation to the many districts, clubs and individuals who have already generously contributed towards this grant and past Global Grants in Cavaillon!