HANWASH UPDATES: November 2022

Haiti Update

Haiti continues to have many challenges as we head into the holiday season. The situation has worsened in recent weeks; there are calls for a multi-lateral intervention to be deployed to help the Haitian police break the stranglehold of gangs on its major ports and roadways, which has fueled the country’s worst economic, political and humanitarian crisis in decades. In the last five months, the number of displaced people has tripled, as the violence and kidnappings by Haiti’s gangs are forcing people to leave their homes and depriving them of the basic necessities of food and water.

Haitians have had to endure daily unrest, ongoing lock downs, the shutting down of vital services, supply shortages and extreme inflation. It is very sad to see but even with that said, there is reason for hope.

Despite all of the negative activity happening in Haiti, the Rotary Clubs of Haiti are together and remain strong specially with their involvement in the HANWASH program where all members of the clubs find hope, “one day all Haiti will have access to potable water”.

The water infrastructure that HANWASH has invested in continued to function throughout the latest crisis. All rural wells and the Cavaillon urban water system operated every day during the latest crisis.

Two other systems in the beginning states of engagement and coaching with HANWASH: the Leogane and Pignon systems continued to function through 3 of the last 5 months. As fuel supplies became available again on Friday, the Pignon network is coming back online as you read this.

Through HANWASH, we are using your funds to effect long lasting change to the way WASH infrastructure in Haiti has been managed. Building technical resiliency by reducing non-revenue water and adding solar panels, and bringing the best management practices to these networks to ensure they have sufficient revenue to continue functioning during crises like this.

Rotarians across Haiti have shown amazing resilience over the past several months and HANWASH is working to enlarge its impact and excited that efforts are bearing fruit.

You can help HANWASH to bring hope and positivity to Haitians.

Tuesday November 29th is #Giving Tuesday. We are asking you to please consider a donation to help HANWASH continue to help Haitians. Every human being deserves access to their basic needs!

We will only be able to do this with your help and we cannot afford to wait. Please help us by donating to HANWASH, every dollar counts.

You can donate today or on #Giving Tuesday which is Tuesday, November 29th.

Thank you for joining us in solidarity with our fellow Haitians.

With gratitude,

Neil Van Dine      Fritz Pierre-Louis
Board Member     Haiti Liaison Chair
Pignon, Haiti          Leogane, Haiti


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