One community at a time

HANWASH and partners are working with and supporting local stakeholders
to deliver safe, affordable, and sustainable water and sanitation to everyone in Haiti


Your support will help us achieve our goal of providing thoughtfully managed and sustainable clean water and sanitation to all the citizens of Haiti


Outgoing DG David Kirkaldy placing the Chain of Office on incoming DG Dominique Bazin

Leadership in Transition – District 7020

July means new beginnings in Rotary; moving on to new challenges and successes under new leadership. It means learning from what we have achieved and striving to match or exceed those goals as we move forward.

Father's Day in Haiti June 30, 2024

Celebrating Fathers in Haiti

June 30th marks a special day in Haiti—Father’s Day. It’s a time to celebrate the Fathers who embody strength, resilience and unwavering love in the face of adversity. This year, more than ever, it’s important to recognize and honour Haitian fathers who continue to stand tall amidst the recent challenges.

Haiti art

WHY HAITI – Because HANWASH sees a better future

For most people over the past months, all they have seen about Haiti are images on TV of gang violence, garbage strewn streets and panicked people. So why are we working so hard to provide potable water? Why do we want to try to make Haitians enjoy a better life?...
Woman carring water bucket on her head

200 Million Hours

DID YOU KNOW that girls & women worldwide spend over 200 million hours PER DAY collecting water? Haitians – men, women and children – also spend an inordinate amount of their time dealing with this same issue. The scarcity of water in Haiti is a pressing issue...
Robert Leger

A Cri de Coeur from Haiti – Dr Robert Leger

The terrorist's situation (if you prefer to call them gangs it's up to you) in Haiti is getting worse, forcing more people to leave many areas in the capital, blocking main national exit roads from or to Port-au-Prince and in some areas from and to the center of Haiti...
child with water jugs

Happy New Year! Bon Ane Nouvo!

As we usher out 2023 and look onward to 2024, we hope that the troubles in Haiti, with what effectively is ‘domestic terrorism’, will come under control with the arrival of the various international peace-keeping groups. The true identity of Haiti has over the years,...

The HANWASH Initiative

A national program formed out of a partnership between
Rotary International District 7020 and DINEPA and based on the success of Haiti Outreach

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Brings local advocacy and amplifies the voices and needs of citizens

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Brings technical expertise and thoughtful approach to community engagement


Sets government guidelines and encourages local ownership of WASH

HANWASH brings together local and international partners, fostering knowledge and skills transfer, and building the capacity of local communities and leaders to give good governance to WASH and the progressive realization of the human right to water and sanitation


Local Authorities (ASECs and CASECs)

Regional OREPA
Government Office

Rotary Clubs

Rotary International Champion Districts

International NGOs and Donors

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Pilot Program Communes

A program of work in five communes located in major regions of the country, with the capital costs funded by local and international donors, and the operating costs borne by citizens.  LEARN MORE>>

Cavaillon girl pumping water


Population: 48,687 (50% rural/urban)

Haitian Club Sponsor: Rotary Club Les Cayes

Key Partner: Hope for Haiti

Total investment projected: $2.0-2.5 million

Ferrier sitting in shade


Population: 14,642

Haitian Club Sponsor: Rotary Club Cap-Haitien

Key Partners: Haiti Outreach, Operators without Borders

Total investment projected: $1.3-1.8 million


Pignon Hatians training on new equiptment


Population: 43,263

Haitian Club Sponsor: Rotary Club Pignon

Key Partners: Water Mission, Operators without Borders

Total investment projected: $1.0-1.4 million

Léogâne group of community leaders


Population: 199,813

Haitian Club Sponsor: Rotary Club Léogâne

Key Partners: Mayor’s Office of Léogâne

Total investment projected: $200,000


Terre-Neuve hillside


Population: 31,252

Haitian Club Sponsor: Memorial des Gonaives

Key Partners: TBD

Total investment projected: TBD


Strategic Partners

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Haiti Outreach logo

Implementing Partners

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Barry Rassin

“Our dream is to bring potable water and good sanitation to the entire country of Haiti”  


Barry Rassin

The Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair, Past President Rotary International