One critical stakeholder to note is Haiti Outreach, a WASH implementing organization that has been working in Haiti for nearly 30 years. Now a strategic partner of HANWASH, Haiti Outreach brings to the table an extensive technical expertise in the implementation of pay-for-service community-managed WASH services.

HANWASH knows that it is imperative to bring together many diverse partners within the water and sanitation sector in Haiti to accomplish the dream. Considerations when determining a partnership strategy with each strategic partner include:


  • Clear and common foundation – alignment of core values, objectives, scope of collaboration, and governance structure
  • Relationship building – through social connections, regular communication, transparency, and investment in tools and processes
  • Accountability and metrics – belief in practical governance, defined roles and responsibilities, and performance measurements
  • Changing market conditions – includes regular health checks, re-validating original foundation and performing needed adjustments
  • Formalizing the relationship – agreements may be partner-specific based on power dynamics and what each party brings to the table

Partnership Categories


A formal strategic relationship with a partner organization/stakeholder which brings critical value for decision-making and the overall success of HANWASH.

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Financial relationships and possible future investors in the case of HANWASH Social Impact Investment Fund. Donor Partners may be either countrywide, by commune, or project related.


Sub-contractor delivering on operational targets. Implementing Partners must have signed an accord with DINEPA and serve as responsible implementing partner for project.


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Any organization which seeks to be affiliated with HANWASH, which agrees to its operating principles, and offers to provide in-kind support or participate in knowledge and learning exchange.