200 Million Hours

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Voices

DID YOU KNOW that girls & women worldwide spend over 200 million hours PER DAY collecting water?

Haitians – men, women and children – also spend an inordinate amount of their time dealing with this same issue.

The scarcity of water in Haiti is a pressing issue that impacts various aspects of life, including the economy, health, and education. Lack of access to clean water not only hampers daily activities but also contributes to the spread of waterborne diseases, affecting public health and placing additional strain on already inadequate healthcare systems. Additionally, meager water supply can hinder agricultural productivity, exacerbating food insecurity and economic challenges.

In response to this critical issue, Rotary clubs within the Caribbean and in Haiti itself have been actively involved in addressing water scarcity and improving access to clean water by installing wells – the ambitious goal being to ensure there is a viable well in each commune throughout Haiti.

By collaborating with local communities and leveraging resources effectively, Rotary clubs have made significant strides in expanding access to safe drinking water and sanitation. A small fee for water from the wells, which is paid by the local community members serves multiple purposes: it helps cover the maintenance costs of the wells, ensuring their long-term sustainability and it also fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among the residents. By contributing financially to the upkeep of the wells, community members are invested in preserving this vital resource and ensuring its availability for future generations.

Overall, Rotary’s efforts to provide access to clean water in Haiti are not only addressing an urgent humanitarian need but also promoting community empowerment and sustainable development. By fostering collaboration, innovation, and accountability, Rotary clubs are making a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of Haitian residents, enhancing their quality of life and contributing to the broader goal of achieving water security for all.

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Woman and child carrying water buckets on their heads

Woman carring water bucket on her head

A woman carries water on her head in Lastic le Roche, Haiti.